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WHAT IS NEW Black Hole 2.1.7 MultiBoot

jimy page

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WHAT IS NEW Black Hole 2.1.7 MultiBoot

Message par jimy page le Jeu 9 Juil - 13:38

Black Hole 2.1.7 MultiBoot


  • New switch from MeoBoot to OpenMultiBoot to use different kernels and drivers for each installed image.

  • New skin MX i6p By Matrix10

  • Vu+ drivers 20150623
    - Fix tuning problem(AVL6211, duo2, solose)
    - Improve vtuner(satip support)
    - Fix scrambling bit in recording
    - Improve transcoding

  • Xbmc Support 576/720/1080 resolution

  • Updated Vuplus-Blindscan

  • Updated HbbTv

  • Updated WebManual

  • Added Sat>Ip Client

  • Included UiPositionSetup

  • Removed MeoBoot

  • Added OpenMultiBoot

  • Updated Lcd4Linux

  • Updated MediaTree (usb tuners drivers)

  • Fixed random socket error

  • [ScanSetup] fixed error on complete scan with T2 tuners

  • [ScanSetup] fixed TT3L10 automatic scan problem

  • [unicable] support JESS(EN50607) and update unicable.xml

  • AnimationSetup: set default to animations disabled


BlackHole VuDuo2HERE
Black Hole Vu+ Solo2HERE
Black Hole Vu+ SoloSEHERE
Black Hole Vu+ ZeroHERE
Black Hole Vu+ UltimoHERE
Black Hole Vu+ UnoHERE
Black Hole Vu+ DuoHERE
Black Hole Vu+ Solo[size=26]HERE


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